Essential Blackberry Applications: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my BlackBerry application list. I have included Twitter links so you can follow the progress and updates of the apps you decide to use. I also added my Twitter feed to the left of the blog. You are also welcome to follow me.

  • BerryStore (Twitter) (Free) – I wish I would have found this app a few days ago. This app is fantastic as it has a nice interface to find, rate and download Blackberry apps straight from the program. Many of my essential apps can be downloaded directly from BerryStore.Dont let the name deter you, the vast majority of programs included in ‘”the store” are completely free. Download this right away.
  • Vlingo (Twitter) (Free) – Vlingo is voice recognition and command software for the Blackberry. You assign the left or right convenience button to ‘record’ and speak instructions to the device. This includes sending emails (including transcribing the subject and message text), voice dialing, adding to-do tasks, texting, launching programs and more.This was one app that made me say “holy crap this is amazing”. There is no training the recognition software, there is no cost and it works pretty awesome. The actual app is very professionally done. A++ on this one.*Note* – This can be downloaded via BerryStore
  • jmIRC (Free and Opensource) – This one took a while to find as it seems there are a few IRC clients out for BlackBerry that all seem to stem from one original project. Although the codebase hasn’t been touched in years, this IRC client offers much of the expected functionality of a basic IRC client.I told one of my friends (who has an iPhone) tonight how cool it was for me to be able to connect to from my mobile. Apparently it isn’t that exciting and I am a “Super Geek” but I am still very excited about it. Now I can participate in programming
  • Viigo (Twitter) (Free) I mentioned in my last post that I was disappointed with Google’s Mobile version of Reader. It is pretty terrible and makes me want to cry. Viigo comes to the rescue! Sign up for a free account and you can download this app and you have a very nice UI in which to view weather and all kinds of new sources including custom RSS feeds INCLUDING support to load and update all your Google Reader subscriptions. This allows me to add a RSS feed to Google Reader and the next time I launch Viigo the feed I just added will be available. Very handy feature.The application has a disabled menu item called Audio & Podcasts. It appears and has been said that the program will soon support the ability to download Podcasts via RSS feed. I am anxiously awaiting this as I currently use uTorrent to download the current Hanselminutes to my PC and manually transfer it over to my PDA (Now BlackBerry).*Note* – This can be downloaded via BerryStore
  • XBerry Live (Twitter) (Free) – I found this app trolling through BlackberryForums. This is an exceptional app that makes use of the private Xbox Live API. The app is brand new and sports an interface to match Xbox’s new branding with current gamertags, avatars and the everything. Using this app you can view your Xbox Live friends online status, see which game they are playing and even launch your browser to send them messages via the web. Fantastic app!*Note* – This can be downloaded via BerryStore

Still got a bunch more. Stay tuned.